2016-06-22: Rental hunting and the Secretary Problem

Well well, I haven’t been writing anything since I started dating this gentleman – funny, considerate, and smart.  So that proves that my go-for-it attitude and pipeline management actually work a bit. Or in his word,  everything can be figured out once you have the determination to solve it.

Enough for the date/relationship update, time to discuss another challenging things in life – housing/rental. Hmm, where to start? Maybe let’s start with my current landlord.

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2016-03-22: A lesson from Uber driver

First of all, I’m not planning to be a Uber Driver…. yet. The reason is pretty obvious, I’m an Asian girl. And one of my stereotypes is “cannot drive”, which I hate to admit is partially true. Let’s put it this way, I’m a driver, not a parker.

Second, I’m thinking about doing something similar like last year. What happened last year is that I learned a new thing, either a new story or a new skill, from every Uber driver, and then put the thing I learned into my annual summary. But I think I can do it more promptly, like blogging, twitting, or videos.

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2016-03-06: It’s all about who you are

There’ve been ups and downs

I’ve seen the best and the worst

At the end of day

all those good and bad moments

would be a part of you

Just as

a story at the dinner table

a laughter over a cafe chat

a joke in the ice-breaker

You asked me where I came from






They are all me

and they are not me

At the end of day,

I’m looking for me


Yu @Boston

2015-01-15 : 今日一言 道不同 不相为谋

道不同 不相为谋