Where to find Yu 在别处

I love writting. It’s a way to express myself. And it’s well served as my emotion outlet, happy or glummy. If you are looking for more targeted content, you shall check me out on other sites.


Douban 豆瓣


A Chinese IMDB for almost everything. I marked and commented movies you watched,  books you read, music you listened to. More importantly, I truly found what I loved about writing here.

豆瓣记录了我最近看的书和电影、最近听的音乐。《七磅:七生有幸》和《从小助理到CEO 》是“有幸”被公众号未经授权转载最多的文章。

15yan 十五言

15yanA website was launched by Guokr in 2014-2015, and criticized as a copycat for Medium. However, it provides me with the best writing experience among all Chinese blog and writing platforms.  I used it as a replacement for blogging in 2015-2016.