2016-03-22: A lesson from Uber driver

First of all, I’m not planning to be a Uber Driver…. yet. The reason is pretty obvious, I’m an Asian girl. And one of my stereotypes is “cannot drive”, which I hate to admit is partially true. Let’s put it this way, I’m a driver, not a parker.

Second, I’m thinking about doing something similar like last year. What happened last year is that I learned a new thing, either a new story or a new skill, from every Uber driver, and then put the thing I learned into my annual summary. But I think I can do it more promptly, like blogging, twitting, or videos.

Third, well, it’s not the third point. It’s actually something I’d like to write about today.

Geoffery is my Uber driver today. A strong black guy, listening to Hip Hop on the way. We greeted each other and started to chat about driving in Boston. So I shared the only driving to Boston experience with him – getting lost when GPS lost signal and failing to park when Massholes started to honk at me.

That’s when Geoffery started to act very seriously

  • Don’t let your fear into you! You cannot quit and all you need to do is telling yourself “that’s parking space is mine and I will take whatever time to park my car there.”
  • Don’t let what other people say stay with you! People can always yell at you and curse you off the road and go home. You can only reply “Yes, it’a great day. Thank you, Sir.”
  • Don’t try to please everyone. The truth is, you cannot please anyone. The only one you need to take care is yourself- whether you are happy about yourself or not.

He is correct about all three things. That’s also aligned with what I learned last week from a firm training – be yourself, be responsible of yourself, and be a happy self.

By the way, Geoffery showed me how to do street parking at the end of the ride.

New skill learned. Good night, Boston. Good night, World.

Yu @Boston

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