2016-11-27: Almost end of 2016

How fast time flies! Almost the end of 2016 and a lot of things changed. I recall I referred to 2016 as a year of change, and it indeed is.

The partners I worked with most closely left the firm mid-year, which leaves me as the sole expert on the topic matter, also leaves me no career sponsor in the firm. Career sponsor is a very nice or glorified way to refer to someone providing professional opportunities at work. In Chinese, it’s called 抱大腿 (Bao Da Tui), meaning finding a stronger leg and walking with it. Plus I need to lift the limit from my working visa in US – basically it prevents me from switching jobs, working for other companies if I want. Upon these two factors, I postponed a professional development plan I made by the end of last year and focused on my current program plus removing my working visa limit. To date, it goes well – rated Distinctive (again) in year-end evaluation and got the USCIS notice for finger prints collection.

Besides the professional development side, I started a romantic relationship with my gentleman caller. He is a sweet and smart guy, with natural curiosity on almost everything, good taste, tolerance, and patience. For the first time, I wanted to send a thank you note to my ex for the nasty break-up; otherwise, I would miss the opportunity to meet someone who truly cares and loves me. Life is about experience – I experience the lows with Mr.Low and now I’m experiencing happiness with Mr.Happiness. Just like Maggie said during my break-up, buckle up girl. You can cry for a day. But after that, you shall smile, branch out, and expect your next blossom.

The only sad thing is my grandpa hospitalized for cancer. His illness questioned the fairness of supernatural power or god. My grandpa is a doctor, an educator, and my best mentor. He understands me on all my matters, from my perspectives on the world, to my feelings and emotions. I don’t understand why such a nice guy needs to suffer, physically and psychologically. The pain from tumor is already harsh enough, and his own daughters (my aunties) are trying to get all of his fortune even my grandma is still alive and my grandpa is still alive. Birds hatched in the same nest end up different feathers. Sometimes, I wonder whether my cousins cut the contact with me because of guilt. On the bright side, grandpa is still alive and mom told me that he’s still fighting for his life and he’s not suffering from any pain yet.

Lots of lots of lots, everyone is moving on, including me, including my families, including my friends, including my colleagues. Everyone is lonely. Everyone needs to finish his or her own life by him/herself. When the trail cross, we can walk along;  when it ends, we farewell to each other with a genuine heart that we will meet again.

Yu @ Boston

Nov. 27, 2016

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