2016-02-27: Last week of Feb. 2016

It is fun to get back to blogging, but in another language.

It’s the last week of February, 2016. A lot of thins happened this month, below is the note:

On the 2016 reading list project, I finished the book (上海堡垒) recommended by Bear Ki. It’s a so-called Sci-Fi. When I say so-called, I really mean it’s just promoted as a Sci-Fi. Precisely, it’s a man’s romance story disguised in a hazardous sci-fi background. The story is set in Shanghai City, where I spent almost 10 years. The roads, buildings and landmarks have already been part of me. The reading itself is a play-back for me, all my days in Shanghai with friends, cousin and ex-boyfriend. However, the storyline is not compelling, especially when it’s promoted as a Sci-Fi. That’s why I left the comment on this book as “being short is the only good thing about this book”. I know it’s a pretty mean comment (as mentioned by several friends who read this book before), but that’s what it is.

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2016-02-01: 2016.1月最后一周小记



  1. 确定了今年房子到期就搬家一个人住
  2. 明白了什么是好事多磨,以及心急吃不了热豆腐
  3. 有个推心置腹的老大是多么重要的事,至少能及早打算


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