2008-09-01 : Modern Woman

Cashmere Mafia EP03A Letter to Modern ManDear modern man,  You know what this modern woman wants for breakfast?Maybe oatmeal. Bacon and eggs if she’s craving protein. Definitely coffee,but relax. I’m not gonna have you for breakfast, So please don’t be such a wimp about women at work.It’s high time to accept the fact that a woman might not just be your co-worker. She could be your boss,and you’re gonna have to be prepared to deal, to be a man about it in the true sense of the word.Sure,more working women means more competition, but instead of being threatened by it,be challenged by it. Let’s bring out the best in each other.Win or lose,if you’re a good sport,everybody wins.Until you get your head around this,you’ll be on your road,and I’ll be on mine. I hope at some point we meet in the middle.Cheers,the modern woman.——出现在EP03的剧尾,Lucy Liu的声音配上钢琴曲读这封信的感觉很好,温暖但是不失力量。很多生活型美剧都喜欢在剧尾埋上一丝生活哲理,这样的例子包括Grey’s Anatomy和Desperate Housewives。可惜的是,Cashmere Mafia已经被砍成了太监剧,DH也只剩下了最后一季。